Autonomous Foundry LLC

Ruby on Rails Consulting Services

Expertise to keep your Rails team moving forward.

Don’t lose momentum to a problem that’s outside your team’s core expertise. We're standing by with a detailed plan to help them solve it quickly. Let us share our Ruby on Rails experience, and keep your project moving forward to the next challenge.

Expert guidance.

Founder and advisor Brian Auton has years of experience with Rails projects of various shapes and sizes, including development, deployment, training, code review, code auditing, and testing infrastructure.

A fresh perspective.

Sometimes an expert from outside your organization has the best vantage point from which to see problems clearly, and to thoroughly explore options for producing real improvement quickly.


Personal attention.

Every consultation starts one-on-one with company leadership to understand their software project’s unique challenges, and to design an approach that will stay focused on meeting their objectives.

Fast results.

All consulting services are designed around an initial discussion to establish objectives, followed by fast work that starts producing results immediately while gathering the additional information that’s needed.


We offer a wide range of training and advising services which produce results quickly for Ruby on Rails software projects.


Modern Practices.

A more consistent testing process? A continuous delivery pipeline that shows users constant improvement? We’ll find the best ways to modernize your developers’ tools and processes to maximize their potential.

Developer Training.

From basic concepts to advanced topics, time-tested patterns to unusual requirements, we’ll plan a training program around real objectives to help your developers learn through hands-on experience.


Legacy Code Rescue.

When a codebase has gotten too complex and difficult to work with over time (or if it’s always been that way), we can find the most effective plan of attack to quickly bring it back to being manageable.

Ownership Changes.

From auditing software for purchase or sale to polishing up documentation for quick on-boarding of new developers, we can help with all tasks related to assessing and maximizing the value of a codebase as a business asset.


Business Alignment.

Does the software always get better at serving the needs of your business? Are your stakeholders and developers sharing domain knowledge effectively? We can help you find out and make improvements.

Major Rewrite.

Whether you’re considering a major rewrite to help ease maintenance difficulties, or you have one in progress that you’re struggling to keep on schedule, we know the dangers of this process and how to keep it on track.