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Brian Auton

Brian Auton has always been passionate about exploring technology, solving puzzles, and simplifying complex problems. Over an eighteen-year career as a professional software developer, including eight years of experience with Ruby on Rails, these interests have resulted in an expert collection of knowledge and experience about how businesses use software to get things done, and how they can learn to do so even more effectively.

In recent years, his increasing seniority and experience have given him opportunities to train and mentor other developers, and to advise business owners and project managers. This has led to a different kind of problem-solving; one on the level of teams and systems and businesses, rather than individual software tasks. Now his focus for new clients is exclusively on this kind of high-level advising and training, so he can keep challenging himself to solve bigger problems, and deliver the most value from his expertise and passion.

He welcomes new clients with tough problems to solve, as each new engagement is a new learning opportunity and a chance to help others create bigger change in the world using his expertise.

Autonomous Foundry LLC

Founded in 2011 upon Brian’s arrival to the Greater Philadelphia area, Autonomous Foundry LLC is the headquarters for his consulting services. Located in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, the Autonomous Foundry home office is the base of operations for Brian’s in-person consultations in the surrounding area, as well as online consultations available to clients worldwide.

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