About Autonomous Foundry

Brian Auton

Founder and Process Advisor

I help software companies, engineers, and executives combine the best of current knowledge in engineering practices and business management to better control their development process and take on bigger objectives.

My true calling has always been solving problems with software. From my first exposure to programming at an early age, I've been hooked on the puzzle-solving activity of finding elegant ways to abstract real-world concepts into imaginary machines, and fine-tune them to produce the best possible result. This passion, along with strong communication skills and attention to detail, became a career in web-based software development that produced many satisfied clients over nearly 20 years.

As my experience has grown, I've been able to apply my knack for simplifying to effectively train other developers in the essential skills they need to perform at their highest level, and my business experience to help with higher-level software strategy decisions. My scope has broadened beyond individual software projects to encompass the tools and techniques that whole organizations use to make software. This is where the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities are; it's the difference between completing a single initiative and enabling fundamentally bigger initiatives for the future. If you run a company that develops software for any reason, I have a clear, structured, and results-oriented approach to solving your challenges.

I'm looking for companies with difficult processes and unique challenges which have made it difficult to modernize and improve practices. Teams with a lot to accomplish who wish to increase their commitment to and knowledge of strong technical fundamentals and smart, modern processes. Send me a message and I'd love to help find a solution that maximizes your team's potential.

Autonomous Foundry LLC

Founded in 2011 upon Brian’s arrival to the Greater Philadelphia area, Autonomous Foundry LLC is the headquarters for his consulting services. Located in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, the Autonomous Foundry home office is the base of operations for Brian’s in-person consultations in the surrounding area, as well as online consultations available to clients worldwide.

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