About Autonomous Foundry

Brian Auton

Founder and Consultant

So many businesses depend on outdated code, tools, and practices that they intend to update someday. I make this modernization practical and immediate by showing how it advances businesses goals and how that effect can be measured. I plan a modernization strategy in stages, so new efficiencies appear that justify ongoing efforts at each step.

My love of solving problems and distaste for inefficiency have made working with software a perfect career. Over many years as a developer, I've learned what makes software projects successful, how best practices have changed over time, and how technology delivers maximum value to the business.

Now, through my consultancy Autonomous Foundry LLC, my mission is to help businesses modernize their software, from the code itself, to the development process, to the surrounding business practices and supporting technology. I bring an objective viewpoint that helps see past institutional habits to the real priorities, along with up-to-date insight into how competing businesses are solving similar problems.

I'm looking for businesses whose potential is being held back by old technology that has resisted replacement efforts, for whom an effective modernization plan could be transformative. And I'm happy to lend a fresh perspective to business and technology challenges of all kinds. Message me using the contact form, or directly at brian@autonomousfoundry.com.

Autonomous Foundry LLC

Founded in 2011 upon Brian’s arrival to the Greater Philadelphia area, Autonomous Foundry LLC is the headquarters for his consulting services. Located in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, the Autonomous Foundry home office is the base of operations for Brian’s in-person consultations in the surrounding area, as well as online consultations available to clients worldwide.

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